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Privacy Policy

Organic Forum Japan, Inc. (hereinafter called the organizer) sets the following personal information protection policy, constructs a mechanism for the protection and has all its employees completely recognize the importance and cope with the protection of personal information, thus ensuring the protection of personal information.

Control of personal information
The Organizer keeps your personal information in an accurate and optimum condition, improves maintenance and control security systems and takes necessary measures to educate our employees to prevent illegal access to the personal information, loss, damage, falsification and leak, thereby implementing security measures and strictly controlling the personal information.

Utilization object of personal information
Personal information received from you will be used for e-mail and communication with event managers and contractors and responding to questions.

Prohibiting disclosure and presentation of your personal information to any third parties
The Organizer will properly control personal information received from you and will not disclose it to any third parties except in any of the following cases.
[When agreed by you]
・Disclosing to those who are entrusted by our company to perform any services desired by you.
・It is necessary for us to disclose according to laws/regulations.

Security measures for personal information
In order for us to ensure accuracy and security of personal information, we implement security measures to our best ability.

Identification for inquiries
If you desire to refer to, correct or delete your personal information, we will meet your request only after identifying the person which has placed the inquiry.

Observing and reviewing of laws/regulations
This Organization will observe Japanese laws and regulations applied to the personal information possessed by us and will make best possible efforts to properly review and improve the contents of this policy as required.

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