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Exhibitors List 2016

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Exhibit Categories

Taste  Raw materials and ingredients, fruits and vegetables, meat, fish and dairy products, processed food, beverages, alcoholic beverages (domestic and imported). Cooking and kitchen utensils and miscellaneous other products.  Organic and natural vegetables and other items related  to environmental conservation.  Guidelines and regulations for animal breeding, fishing and aquaculture. Organic JAS · Natural Farming . PGS . Macrobiotics . Fair Trade . Ecological products and more

Nuture  Farming, gardening / Baby & children products / Pet breeding and products  Organic seeds, fertilizer and pesticides.Planter, foliage plants, miscellaneous goods and equipment, additive-free baby food, baby care, tableware, bedding & child care goods, toys, educational, dietary products (toys, software picture books, etc.) maternity-related products, pet food, supplies and services and more

Wear  Apparel, fashion accessories, other products  Organic textiles (cotton, hemp, etc.) , ethical & miscellaneous goods

Care  Organic & Natural Beauty  Skin Care, Hair Care, Face Care, Oral Care, Hand Care, Body Care

Heal  Alternative Medicine  -  Medical Aromatherapy, self-care and wellness  Homeopathy, Ayurveda, essential oils, herbal teas, aromas  - Yoga  -  other exercises & therapies

Live  Housing and cleaning, washing supplies, energy-saving devices, protection against allergies caused by construction material and domestic pesticides  Building materials and interior, furniture, renovation · DIY · detergents, cleaning and laundry supplies, bedding & massage goods, home appliances (energy-saving, allergy-friendly), insecticides and more

Protect  Tradition, nature, life and technology  Exchange meetings for protecting native species, traditional processes and products.  Protection of the environment (air, soil and water). Revitalization of rural areas – from the mountains and forests to the sea.

Sustainable  Urban planning and rural revitalization, woodlands conservation – alternative energy, Regional production and consumption by regional companies  Planning of green buildings, eco-offices and roof greening - CSR – Support for new farmers - stylish farm work clothes, preserving old houses – Biological diversity and shopping facilities - distribution and sales network - farmers' markets. Projects related to the Tokyo Olympics and the athletes' village

Learn  Introductory courses about natural and organic topics  Vegetable & Fruits Meister course, Bio analyst training course, Agri Innovation University, Food Marketing seminar, Organic Marketing Council, Ethical related, Bio-Hotels related Introduction of organizations and various genres of information distribution

Find  Restaurants, store information and a variety of related information  Information – websites – guidebooks and other publications