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Overview and Concept

Greetings from the Organizers and Concept

After a successful start in 2016 and continuous growth in 2017/18 at Tokyo Int. Forum, OLE will move to a new venue in 2019/20 because of limited available space. After the Olympics sufficient space will be available for growth and more exhibitors.

The concept with several zones which is popular with exhibitors and visitors will be continued and expanded. Since OLE 2019 is held in summer, a wide variety of vegetables will be displayed at SHARE THE LOVE for Japan and a Farmers’ Market. In addition to a wide variety of domestic products, many imported products are exhibited.

Organic is a lifestyle for people who want to live a comfortable and pleasant life and stay healthy. It is also a challenge for us to lead a life carefully selecting not only food but also other necessities for daily life.

Sustainable, ethical, fair trade, local, biodiversity and corporate social responsibility (CSR): All these keywords are drawing attention during the past decade or longer and are closely related to an organic lifestyle.

The time has come for the organic movement to take firmly roots in Japan. This is not limited to certified organic products, but also includes the devotion and diligence of the producers of natural and organic food and non-food products. Furthermore, the interest and acceptance of consumers is an important factor for the growth of the movement and the market.

Our goal is to create a trade show with new concepts in tune with current trends in the global organic movement and in Japan. This event strives strive to meet the requirements of consumers and the market. For this purpose the opinions and suggestions of various groups, industries and consumers are integrated in the EXPO. Active contribution by many experts and stakeholders will ensure a successful event.



The organizer team (Japan Food Trust Project, LOHAS World and Global Organic Network/GON) supported by advisers and major stakeholders developed a concept based on the following considerations:

・ Global organic movement, markets and trends
・ Current market situation in Japan and specific needs
・ Covering a wide range of products for a healthy and sustainable lifestyle
・ Bringing producers, distributors, consumers and other stakeholders together (B2B2C)
・ Extensive seminar and event program before and during OLE
・ Cooperation with many relevant associations, organizations and groups
・ Support from media and sponsors

■ Exhibitors and visitors appreciated the benefits of B2B2C

As anticipated by the organizers, a convenient location in central Tokyo attracted on both days many business people and consumers. Both groups welcomed the B2B2C concept which is suitable for Japan. Visitors also appreciated the wide range of exhibited natural/organic products beyond food and beverages as well as the side program with many seminars and events. These factors in their combination resulted in high satisfaction levels among exhibitors and visitors (see closing release and report).

Purpose  Information and communication for a better understanding and development of the organic movement and lifestyle.

10 Categories for Organic Lifestyle Business

Fruit and vegetables, seafood, livestock products, processed foods, raw material and ingredients, drinks, alcoholic beverages and more.
Agriculture, farms and home garden (organic seeds, fertilizer, pesticides, which are the necessary base for organic crops), flowers and more.
Apparel, fashion, accessories, sundries and more.
Body care and cosmetics, detergents and more.
Health & Wellness, aromatherapy, alternative medicine, spa, yoga, and more.
Baby & Kids, toys, dietary education, miscellaneous goods, art and more.
Housing, renovation, building materials, interior, reuse and recycling and more.
Traditional lore and regional activation, tourism, old houses regeneration, traditional food, technology and crafts and more.
Alternative energy, hybrid technology, storage technology other, natural energy and more.
Overseas merchandise, import, distribution and more.
Activities and Participants  1. Seminars and presentations  2. Associations, producers, distributors, consumers and other stakeholders  3. Trade show as platform for communication and business related to organic lifestyle

Official Logo

The logo with a colorful variety of seeds represents the wide range of natural/organic products and topics covered by the EXPO and Forum.

Meetings and communication between people from various fields will lead to further development and success for the organic movement and market.

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